Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton Sings ‘Hallelujah’ on Saturday Night Live

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We thought we weren’t going to make any more election-related posts, but here’s one more. So, for two years, Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon has comically portrayed Hillary Clinton, in parallel to the real Presidential campaign. Tonight, in the first episode of SNL since the entire world was shocked by Donald Trump’s Electoral College win, the “Cold Opening” featured Kate/Hillary, in the trademark White Pantsuit, sitting at a piano playing and singing recently departed Leonard Cohen’s classic song “Hallelujah.”  There was no comedy this one time, no twist, just a sincere tribute to two giant figures. But, wrapped in the context of humor and irony from all of McKinnon’s past performances, the opening bit became a metamodern move, irony and earnestness braided together into something we could call “Ironesty.”

(Apologies for the repost. Our original linked video was unauthorized and removed by NBC)


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