Greg Dember and Linda Ceriello write What Is Metamodern? together, and also are co-editors of

Linda Ceriello is a scholar and a contemplative type, who likes to think and write about how popular culture influences and reflects contemporary religious/spiritual/mystical and non-ordinary experiences, and other big questions of social meaning-making. She received her PhD in Comparative Religions at Rice University in 2018. She can often be found on one or another coast of the United States, teaching and lecturing on subjects including the Spiritual-but-Not-Religious, awe and wonder, transgressive comedy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer  (all of which she regards as manifestations of metamodernism). She’s currently working on the book version of her dissertation (Metamodern Mysticisms: Narrative Encounters with Western Contemporary Western Secular Spiritualities).

Greg Dember is a writer, musician, and computer programmer living in Seattle. He received his B.A. in psychology from Yale University, where he also studied literature. His recent intellectual preoccupations (beyond metamodernism) encompass questions about identity, consciousness and how people project narrative/self-hood onto other humans, animals, and objects. Musically, Greg records and performs as a “post-genre singer-songwriter” and sometimes joins other people’s bands. The computer programmer part is how he earns his keep. See Greg’s online business card at