Metamodern transmedia artist Donald Glover/Childish Gambino with Cam Ostrander

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Our guest Camden Ostrander is an expert on all things Donald Glover/Childish Gambino and the writer behind Season 7 of the Dissect Podcast which explores in depth Childish Gambino’s album (and transmedia world) Because The Internet. On this episode, we discuss BTI along with Glover’s television projects, Atlanta and Community, all through the lens of metamodernism.

Cam’s stuff…
Twitter: @metamoderncam

The Dissect season about Because The Internet

Other stuff…

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Raoul Eshelman’s Performatism (source of the Double Frame concept)

Moyo Okediji, “Black Skin, White Kins, metamodern Masks, Multiple Mimesis” in Diaspora and Visual Culture: Representing Africans and Jews, Nicholas Mirzoeff, ed., Psychology Press, 2000.

Linda Ceriello, “Toward a Metamodern Reading of Spiritual but not Religious Mysticisms”

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