I’m Not Sure, But I’m Doing It.

A Personal Post by Greg Dember

On Facebook, a Christian friend of mine made a post about her Macbook dying at an especially crappy time,  and she asked people to pray for her in advance of her bringing the computer to the Apple Store’s Genius Bar to see if it can be fixed.  Now, on most days, I would describe myself as an atheist; on some days I would call myself an agnostic, or a Buddhist, or a few other things, but I certainly don’t believe in the personal God who responds to these kinds of entreaties.  In spite of that, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with sympathy for my friend’s plight, and my comment to her was:

Well, even though you know what my beliefs are, I am praying for you, in spirit. Wait – what does that mean? I’m not sure, but I’m doing it.

She ‘liked’ my comment, as did her mom and her sister, who are also Christians.

And, reflecting on what I said, it occurs to me that what I expressed might be at the heart of a sort of metamodernspirituality.  Right?

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