A Song For Tonya

A note from Sufjan Stevens


I wrote a song for Tonya Harding. It’s not at all related to the new biopic (I sent it to the music supervisors but they couldn’t find a way to use it). This song has been years in the making. I’ve been trying to write a Tonya Harding song since I was 15. I wrote a short piece about it here. There are two versions of the song and we are releasing them on tape cassette (available now) and on 7-inch (available soonish). All digital versions are available now:


Please enjoy. If you don’t know who Tonya Harding is, go see the movie, or read her Wikipedia page. She’s amazing. My prayer is peace on earth. Lord help us.

I love you Tonya.


Sufjan’s song and his ability to look around the difficult corners with love and curiosity epitomizes an aspect of metamodernism we have particular affinity for. Thanks, Sufjan, for making us work a little and stretch and wonder.

Source: s-u-f-j-a-n-s-t-e-v-e-n-s

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