The Internet’s Metamodern Reaction to the Hotdog Princess

Five-year-old Ainsley had her fifteen minutes of internet fame in the first week of June (2016), following her decision to come to Princess Week at her dance school dressed as a hot dog. What we find most remarkably metamodern about the story is not her fierce act of individual expression itself, but the almost universal and immediate delight that she inspired in others. It seems that in today’s cultural current, it is now just understood that there is something supremely awesome about a little girl choosing to dress as a hotdog during Princess Week.

Maybe it has something to do with this quick-and-dirty epistemic breakdown.
Tradition: You do what you are supposed to do.
Modern: You do the thing that makes sense, and that unites us.
Postmodern: Do whatever. Nothing makes sense, there is no unity.
Metamodern: Do whatever! We are united in our differentness.

It seems like people love Ainsley because she is enacting the differentness that compels our imaginations and thereby unites us.


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